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Founded in 2009, Bygg Tekniska Gruppen AB is a company specializing in the construction of luxury villas with an exclusive design. We are not like other companies in this industry and are not in competition with them, since our values and aims are very different. Bygg Tekniska Gruppen chooses quality over quantity, thus our goal is to build three to seven premium class villas per year. We are well aware that providing the highest quality requires a lot of time and attention, since the key to success lies in process planning. Every project we have ever done is unique, thus there is virually not a single architectural or interior and exterior design solution that repeats itself.


The main idea of the project is to provide families with homes of their dreams, which would satisfy each family member’s needs and lifestyle. The villa has to be adjusted to the specific location it will be built on, thus many things, such as rockiness, soil quality of the area, maximum access of sunlight, etc. have to be taken into consideration. That is why we consult our clients throughout the entire creative process: we listen to their wishes and only then does our team start to design the villa. We believe that great results can only be achieved by staying in close contact with the client.


The exclusivity of our company and the attention we devote to each of our clients can be highlighted by the fact that we do not have a catalogue of customary houses. Therefore, we do not build identical villas one after another. Exclusive and custom-made villas as well as one-of-a-kind solutions is what our clients mainly value us for.


We have created the exclusive trademark LYX VILLA with the intention to emphasise our company’s philosophy and approach to each project and client. This name represents our guarantee to provide you with luxury and top quality. It is also a promise to our clients to ensure undeniable quality at all stages of the project. We are committed to using only high-end materials and products that conform to international quality standards.


To those of our clients who value exclusivity and are looking for custom design and architecture solutions, we recommend manufacturers who have been internationally recognised for their top quality. Among them are Bulthaup and Team 7, who manufacture exclusive kitchen furnishings; furniture manufacturers Wittman, COR, and Interbuke; Bang and Olufsen, who produce exceptional sound system equipment. You can read more about these distinguished brand names in our Partners section.


The products of these manufacturers help us create an unforgettable and exclusive home interior that satisfies the needs of clients even with the most refined taste.






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